Course Overview

Course Overview
Part One of a two half-day Spanish course for absolute beginners. Part Two is on 26 June
Yes, if you would like to have an opportunity to gain a basic knowledge of Spanish. You will already have an interest in the language and culture and will be aiming to get a taste of what is involved in learning a language. Prosp Is This Right For Me
You will learn to understand, speak and read enough basic Spanish to experience the fun and challenge of learning a new language. The vocabulary covered will be based on some of the everyday situations you might encounter on a first visit to a Spanish-speaking country e.g. meeting people and introducing yourself or ordering drinks in a café. To repeat, say and understand basic phrases e.g. greetings, to give and understand simple information concerning numbers and prices, and to understand short verbal instructions, and recognize and read out basic words and phrases. Prosp What Will I Learn
We will use various methods to engage you in learning: flash cards, games, music, surveys, role-plays, Interactive white board, games via Power Point. Prosp How Will I Learn
Your tutor may give you a Certificate of Attendance. Prosp Qualification
You will be able to continue your studies next term at a higher level. Prosp Next Steps
You just need a computer (desktop or laptop) or a mobile device (e.g. a tablet or a mobile phone) as well as Internet access. Prosp Please Bring
12/06/2021 Format
3.00 hours per week
1 weeks