Course Overview

Course Overview
Learn relaxation and meditation techniques to help you cope with anxiety and negative thought patterns
Yes, if you have you been feeling low in spirits, worrying, feeling anxious, depressed, have sleep difficulties, or are suffering from physical pain. This course will help you to identify and develop self-help techniques to promote relaxation of mind, body and spirit. *Important: This course is for people with mild to moderate mental health considerations including stress, anxiety and depression. If you have been given a trauma-related diagnosis (such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or a different mental health diagnosis, please speak to your doctor before joining this course or speak to the tutor before registering. Prosp Is This Right For Me
You will learn about the benefits of meditation, how to develop your practice and use this natural healthy approach to help you manage difficult emotions and bring more harmony and balance to your life. The course will include basic relaxation and breathing techniques, using mantras and affirmations to help focus the mind, balance chakras and promote sleep, as well as touching on the benefits of Reiki and crystals. Deep healing meditation will also be introduced. Prosp What Will I Learn
The course will be delivered over 5 weeks and the session will be 1.5 hours; one session each week online via Zoom. During each session you will be introduced to a meditation technique which you can then practice in your own time. The following week there will be an opportunity to discuss how you found that week’s exercise and get guidance on how you can improve and develop, in the online discussion. Prosp How Will I Learn
You will not gain a qualification but you may request a Certificate of Attendance from your tutor. Prosp Qualification
You may wish to enrol on another Smile:)MK course such as Relaxation through Mindfulness or Stress and Anxiety Management to further your knowledge, as well as gain further insight into how you can improve your wellbeing. Prosp Next Steps
You will need a device with internet access, this could be a PC, Mac, Laptop, smart/iPhone, tablet/iPad. You may wish to download the Zoom app prior to starting the course. You will be given access to our Moodle platform where you may access the courses resources such as handouts, images, recordings of videos and/or audio etc. We will send you joining instructions after you enrol. You should wear warm loose clothing for comfort, and you may wish to use something padded to lie on or to support your back if sitting, such as a cushion, sleeping bag, blanket or exercise mat. You can sit in a chair that supports your posture if you find it difficult to lie or sit on the floor. Please note: If you have a disability an/or learning difficulty (for example a hearing or sight impairment) please let CLMK and/or your tutor know as we may be able to offer you extra support or provide different learning materials. This class involves periods of meditation with eyes closed so it is particularly important that your tutor is aware if you have a hearing impairment. Prosp Please Bring
15/06/2021 Format
2.00 hours per week
5 weeks