Course Overview

Course Overview
Part Two of a two half-day Spanish course for absolute beginners. Part One is on 12 June
Yes, if you would like to have an opportunity to gain a basic knowledge of Spanish. You will already have an interest in the language and culture and will be aiming to get a taste of what is involved in learning a language. Prosp Is This Right For Me
You will learn to understand, speak and read enough basic Spanish to experience the fun and challenge of learning a new language. The vocabulary covered will be based on some of the everyday situations you might encounter on a first visit to a Spanish-speaking country e.g. meeting people and introducing yourself or ordering drinks in a café. To ask and answer simple questions, to be able to take part in a simple conversation, to develop confidence in pronouncing Spanish and to begin to understand the structure of the language and form simple sentences. Prosp What Will I Learn
We will use various methods to engage you in learning: flash cards, games, music, surveys, role-plays, Interactive white board, games via Power Point. Prosp How Will I Learn
Your tutor may give you a Certificate of Attendance. Prosp Qualification
You will be able to continue your studies next term at a higher level. Prosp Next Steps
You just need a computer (desktop or laptop) or a mobile device (e.g. a tablet or a mobile phone) as well as Internet access. Prosp Please Bring
26/06/2021 Format
3.00 hours per week
1 weeks